cibarius is the pseudonym of an Italian digital artist and an electronic music producer. His artistic career begins as a consequence of his musical career, sketching both manually and digitally the illustrations for his compositions, until he decides to shift his focus totally on visual art to better communicate his creative ideas. Much of his creative production involves the use of different digital mediums thanks to which, he manages to give a style to his works that acts as a connector between ancient aesthetics and contemporary themes.


|NFTNYC| 2023
Denver |FUTURESHAPE360| 2023
Paris |NFTParis| 2023
Milan |Ninfa Gallery opening| 2023
Naples |NFTs are dead| 2023
Rome |Rome NFT WEEK| 2023
Alessandria |Inchiostro Festival| 2023
Florence |Social Hub|2023

In April 2023 it's been auctioned and sold at Pandolfini Casa D'aste, the most important auction house in Italy.

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